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    Fusion photography is a new technology that fuses highlights, mid tones, and lowlights into the perfect picture. Whether it’s an estate or a townhouse, brand new or historic, we pay attention to detail, so you’re always impressed with the results.

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    Our Virtual Tour is unquestionably the best on the market. Up to 50 photos of your home give viewers a complete view of your home. Additionally, the tour and a full-color flyer can be emailed to prospective buyers nationally and internationally.

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    99.1% of buyers look online before making an offer. We will market your home to a global audience utilizing the latest web-based technology. We offer a unique combination of internet strategies which gives our clients a tremendous competitive advantage.

    The Jeff & Joseph Group has the largest number of virtual tour partners including the ones pictured above.

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    Print advertising helps us reach a more traditional market.

    Our clients benefit from a unique marketing approach which encompasses local, domestic, and international exposure through a wide variety of print media only available through our network, including the ones pictured above.

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    All of our brochures are high resolution, full color, with gloss distributed to the brokerage community, open houses, and prospective clients. Our ‘Global Distribution Program’ places your property across our offices internationally.

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    A direct mail campaign maximizes your home’s exposure. Mailers are sent to neighbors and targeted buyers featuring beautiful fusion photography and announcing open houses.

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    We craft professional, detailed floor plans that provide important information to prospective buyers both in advance of and following a property tour.

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    We reach potential buyers through direct email marketing and social media. Using the latest technology, we create an email campaign targeting over 50,000 buyers and 500,000+ licensed agents including regionally targeted agents.

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    Our professional videos provide a rich and engaging experience that is sure to leave an impression. The final production consists of full motion video that is outputted as a streaming online video distributed to online partners, sent via email, and shared on social media.

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